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Edu-Larp Teacher Friendly Method

Larp seems to be very teacher-friendly. Of course, I do not mean writing their own larps, which would be a time-consuming and fairly difficult enterprise. But what if the teacher could download and print ready-made educational scenarios with character sheets and all supporting materials – very much like packaged murder mystery games for dinner parties? Then time and effort spent on the preparation and moderation of classroom activity could be even less than with traditional lessons.

This model, live action role-playing or larp, asks students and teachers to take on character roles in a pre-written adventure and via improvisational acting, create a communal narrative. To make their way through the scenario, the players (students) learn the lessons (curriculum) embedded into the program. This simple act of play pretend has proven to be highly effective

in motivating, engaging, and empowering students. With emotional attachment to a story, the lessons learned become much more important to the student, increasing retention and subject comprehension.

All that is needed is a little imagination!!!

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