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Ancient Greek Style Larp

Back in Time!

The setting, although reminiscent of a movie set, is simply a different way of delivering the lesson, with the 5th grade history class as the "script," the students as the "actors," and an educational organization as the "director." It is an educational program based on the game, specifically on the edularp (educational life action role playing) method. "Role playing is widely used worldwide for entertainment reasons. Now, this method in Europe has passed into the education part, that is, it is applied in schools and used as a tool in the classroom.

Programs concerning ancient Greek history, Byzantine, Roman, and even prehistory, are implemented interactively with the participation of students in the last grades of elementary or high school, who literally play the roles of the protagonists of history, entering completely into the atmosphere of seasonal. "Students dress in costumes and live a daylife back in the time"

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