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What is Edu-Larp (Educational Live Active Role Playing)

Larp is a form of game play in which participants physically embody characters within a fictional scenario for extended periods of time. Designers can set larps in any time, place, or genre. Characters range from strongly similar to the player’s primary identity to completely distinct.

LARP for educational purposes, or an EduLARP, is an opportunity to integrate traditional and playful ways of teaching and learning. LARPs are often associated with historical sword fighting games, but there are numerous other possibilities: laboratory-based role-playing games for science classes, environmental and socio-economic conflict games for biology and geography, etc.` However, it has been confirmed by research that learners memorize content better when they are actively involved in the learning process, as in the case of dramatizations, simulations and role play.

LARP is an active and engaging method that creates intrinsic motivation. A different reality helps to distract the players from their everyday problems and stimulates their interest in the topic. All the senses are activated, physical and emotional engagement support deep learning. Role play develops empathy and the ability to see other perspectives.

By connecting the topics learned in classroom with real-life situations, the student can more easily relate them to their own life and make connections between different subjects. Role play can improve students' communication skills, and for the shy students, role play provides a safe way to interact from behind a mask and thus develop their confidence. Therefore, the share of role-playing and other active learning methods in schools should be even higher than it is today.

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