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"A day in Roman Thessaloniki: The Palace of Galerius"


Our training program uses the Edu-L.A.R.P. method. to help students experience a day in the Galerian palace and participate in a day of listening to the everyday issues that a Tetrarch has to solve. Betrayals, persecution of Christians, monetary policy, land registry, price fixing of products, issues of sports clubs. Will Galerius be able to  meet the requirements? 

With the help of the Edu-L.A.R.P. method, students will become Tetrarchs, imperial officials, members of municipal associations, Valeria, wife of Galerius, Saint Alexandra etc. and will learn about the functioning of the Galerian palace in a more interactive and educational approach.

If you are an educator and are interested in having your students participate in our educational program, please contact us for more information and to register.

Duration: 120 minutes 

Maximum number of participants: 25

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