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"A day in the Athens of Pericles": The trial of Pericles at the court of Iliaia (Edu-L.A.R.P.)

Our training program uses the Edu-L.A.R.P. method. to help students live a day in the ancient Athens of Pericles and participate in the trial of Pericles in the court of Iliaia.


The students  they will learn about the history and politics of ancient Athens, as well as the trial of Pericles at the court of Iliaia. Using the Edu-L.A.R.P. method, students will experience the trial of Pericles as judges, defendants, witnesses and investigators, and learn about how the judicial system of ancient Athens worked. Our program offers a unique opportunity for students to experience the ancient Athens of Pericles in a more interactive and educational approach.


If you are an educator and are interested in having your students participate in our educational program, please contact us for more information and to register.

Duration: 120 minutes 

Maximum number of participants: 25

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